PD Modena
The Earth Is Making Waves
Chronicles In the Earthquake Days: Italy 2012
Index, Modena, 2012

Apple iBook multi-touch book for iPad

PART I    


 also in italian language


Texts, newspaper articles, images, photos, video and commentary on the Earthquake in Emilia-Romagna collected in a single, exciting, document.

This is the multitouch eBook of the interactive exhibition on the 2012 Earthquake in Emilia "is the land that makes the waves - Chronicles of Modena in the days of the earthquake" at the Democratic Party in Ponte Alto, Modena, from 23 August to 17 September 2012.

The book contains all the materials of the whole exhibition: over 200 photo, 300 newspapers, 40 minutes of video footage and more than two hours of radio commentary..