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Lilia Buranii
Ricette disegnate
Le ricette che non si leggono, si guardano le figure!
ISBN 9788897982579
Digital Index Editore, Modena 2013


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LaSaan Georgeson

If A Wine Were Me... Which Would it Be? Bold, sexy, bubbly, sweet

Edited by Jennifer Chhatlani
Cover art by Peter Georgeson
ISBN 9788897982395
Digital Index Editore, Modena 2012


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From the creator of!

Wines are organic, with inherent characteristics just like you and me! Read on to learn their attributes, personalities, styles and finishes.
Then, determine which varietal or styles is more akin to you: red, white, sparkling, or dessert. This eBook was produced for you and your bar counter... Cheers!


If A Wine Were Me... is simply a fun way to highlight the similarities of wine to living, organic species; essentially, wine varietals personified.

The most fun part of the book is that you will start to understand wines from a personalized perspective. Certainly a much easier way to remember the varietal distinctions! 
While reading, discover whether one variety feels more like your personality than another based on your mood.
Does it change? Can you identify what wine elements would balance your personality? Is your personality a blend of varieties?
If so, which ones, and what are the main characteristics suggesting a blend?
osepoured-webIf you are more daring, grab a friend to help you determine which variety best represents your specific personality...and find out which of your friends knows you better.
And for the foodies, the book offers up basic food suggestions for which your wine persona might best pair.


LaSaan Georgeson once a corporate executive redesigned her life to indulge in her passions and studied to become a Sommelier.

LaSaan is the producer and founder of Bwinedate Enterprises, of which is at the core. 

As an entrepreneur she has developed various concepts under Bwinedate Enterprises designed to create a community of wine enthusiasts; she connects enthusiasts over the topic of wines, provides consultancy in wine and food pairing, educates consumers about wines and spirits, and conducts wine symposiums.

LaSaan trained at International Sommelier Guild, the Court of Master Sommeliers, and Wine, Spirits and Education Trust.

You can find her traveling around engaging others on the topic of drink and all things pertinent to the palate.

Her book tour will begin in Chicago, iL February 2013 and continue in Germany and Italian region of Veneto in March.